legal warnings

Article 1
You do not need to be member for visiting and share your personal information. Privacy policy arranges the legal notices site rules with the membership and work sharing agreement and the users deemed to have accepted all of these rules in case of being member for the site or visiting the site as a member. 

Article 2
Persons who upload the works on internet site agree and undertake that they are the owner of the uploaded work or they have the power of disposition on the work legally. In case of the third parties claiming to be the rightful owner contact with or determination of such case by, the relevant work shall be removed on the internet site, the responsibility of shall be limited to remove the work on the site. 

Article 3
Unless otherwise expressly provided the works on internet site shall be under the protection of Intellectual and Art Work Law Numbered 5846. Copying, keeping, distribution, communicating, making available for public, processing of works in digital or analog format included in internet site without the permission of the work owner or letting third parties use them whatsoever under any circumstances shall be prohibited. For this kind of process, it is a legal obligation to get the permission of the work owner. 

Article 4
Members can only do transaction for the lawful purpose on Internet Site. All process the users perform within the scope of Internet Site and lawful and criminal responsibility regarding the action shall only belong to the user. 

Article 5
In case of contradiction to law such as exceeding the criticism of the comments and behaviors within the scope of activities of the members on internet site and taking form of attacking personal rights or pejorative words, members shall be  liable to for the damages sustained due to such actions. 

Article 6
The responsibility of outbound links to third-party websites given from shall belong to the sharing member. shall not be held responsible with regards to the problems of the outbound links on its site. 

Article 7
The works uploaded to which are published under one of the 
Creative Commons (CC) Licences may be freely used subject to the chosen Creative Commons Licence. There are two Creative Commons Licences offered; Attribution Share Alike which gives permission to commercial use, and Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike which does not give permission to commercial use. (To get more information about the details of these licences, please click the underlined links.)

*The rules which are identified with this Legal Warnings shall be valid for '''' that is Turkish version of.  

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