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interfacegallery.com ISSUE NO:3 - I'm Better Than Tomorrow!
29 April 14 June 2013

ukurcuma Caddesi No19A Tophane
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00-18:00

Curator: Ferhat zg羹r

Merih Akoul (merihakogul)
ener Y覺lmaz Aslan (sener)
Alain Buffard
Braco Dimitrijevic (braco)
Mustafa Duymaz (mustafa duymaz)
Kutlu G羹relli (kutludamla)
Khaled Hafez (khaled)
Mustafa Kula (mustafa kula)
Wolgang Laib
Necla R羹zgar (neclaruzgar)
Kaz覺m imek (kazimsimsek)
Anna Witt (anna witt)

The international group exhibition entitled "I'm Better Than Tomorrow!" composed of a selection by the invited curator Ferhat zg羹r, from the internet portal 'interfacegallery.com' that has been established within the scope of HAYAKA ARTI, as well as other invited artists, will take place between 29 April and 14 June 2014. The exhibition brings together works of Merih Akoul, ener Y覺lmaz Aslan, Alain Buffard, Braco Dimitrijevic, Mustafa Duymaz, Kutlu G羹relli, Khaled Hafez, Mustafa Kula, Wolgang Laib, Necla R羹zgar, Kaz覺m imek and Anna Witt, artists from different generations and various disciplines such as photography, painting, drawing, video and sculpture.

By means of sceptical attitude towards our time, nostalgia and yearning for traditions and the past, journeys beyond time, visual panoramas of the so-called naive cultures far away from modern civilizations, reflections from the capitalist and competitive modern world, visual interpretations about individual, social and cultural traumas, the exhibition intends to create a multidimensional discussion platform.

This exhibition is at the same time the third physical exhibition of www.interfacegallery.com, a communication project of the alternative artistic and cultural platform HAYAKA ARTI, which aims to create free artistic circulation between the virtual and physical worlds. It is dedicated in loving memory to Alain Buffard, a young French choreographer, dancer and curator who passed away a short while ago and a special screening of the video "My Lunch with Anna" is presented to the viewer. Departing from Karen Horney's quotation Ferhat zg羹r says: Within this social, cultural and traumatic environment are we still able to preserve our own normality to cope with the difficulties that might harm our personality or have we already become too much neurotic to achieve any satisfying solution? Is it finally time to say "I'm better than tomorrow?" Eventually, rather than being an exhibition that searches for the answers of the questions above-mentioned, the attempt of "I'm Better Than Tomorrow!", is a fiction that brings these questions forward once again and requires no absolute response. Through the exhibition our aim is not to suggest any permanent motto, a formula or a way out yet to pronounce the current psychological state we are experiencing and leave the decision to the audience.

Within today's unreliable world we have at least a personal motto: Ask us how we are and we will say "we are better than tomorrow!".

ukurcuma Caddesi No19A Tophane
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00-18:00
T: +9 0212 252 5490
info (at) hayakaarti.com

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