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www.interfacegallery.com, a communication project of the alternative art and culture platform HAYAKA ARTI which aims to “provide free circulation of art between the virtual and physical world”, opened its second exhibition on April, 18th in Tophane, Istanbul. The concept “interface” and the discussion- encounter platform it has introduced over the web, is for the second time carried into the physical space of a gallery to reflect on the existence of art production within virtual and physical spheres. Invited curator Deniz Erba has asked all artists included in her selection from over 300 profiles present on the web platform interfacegallery.com, to propose artworks talking back to the conceptual framework of “bio-power”. Thus body and life that we are frequently forced to witness to full extent in all aspects through media and communication channels or political agendas, long fallen within the interest of power, have constituted the main theme of this exhibition. These works, disintegrating the body together with its living space and then rejoining the two by means of techniques such as collage, painting, photography and so on, while presenting fictions as to the existence of body within private, public and political realms, also manage to make room for reflection on the concept of bio-power. Social stereotypes such as sexual identity, womanhood, marriage, professional life, career and family, modes and potentials of the body turning into an object of politics and the cycle of life, the relationship between power and body are among the subjects of artists who participate in this exhibition.

Today we are living in a world where power mechanisms do no longer function through regions, geographies, patches of land or physical territories, but through the very lives, biological existences, bodies of people and societies. Power turning towards the body by means of several exclusion, confinement, surveillance, life preserving and terminating mechanisms in different fields of life such as education, health, and law practices, is now in possession of all necessary means to keep under control and shape the body and movements of each individual and thereby leaves no need for implementation of massive, general domination practices on the society. The body becomes politicized, and the more it does so, the fields to demonstrate individual opposition, rebellion and resistance also diversify. The exhibition “Discarded”, under these circumstances, intends to revisit the deep-rooted relationship between art, body and bodily life through the paradigm of actual art productions.

Works of Yeim Aaolu, Dilara Akay, Rafet Arslan, Seçkin Ayd覺n G羹ne Bulut, zge Enginöz, Eda Gecikmez, Nurcan G羹ndoan, Burak Karacan, Raziye Kubat, Zekine Kundukan, H羹seyin R羹stemolu, efik zcan, 襤lhan Say覺n, Seda Sela, Erdal Sezer, Gonca Sezer, Meltem S覺rt覺kara, Yasemin enel and Ercan Vural, that use different mediums and take body as their subject can be seen at HAYAKA ARTI until June 1st 2013.

Çukurcuma Cad 19A Tophane Istanbul
T: +9 0212 252 5490
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 12:00-18:00

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