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interfacegallery.com ISSUE NO.1 - Update!

25 May – 9 July 2011
HAYAKA ARTI Çukurcuma Cad 19A Tophane Istanbul

Curator: Derya Y羹cel

asli vural (Asl覺 Vural)
bacak (Hakan Selçuk Bacak)
badem (Badem)
berkay tuncay (Berkay Tuncay)
christina maria kulot (Christina Maria Kulot)
edagecikmez (Eda Gecikmez)
el-gringo (Lefor)
ercanvural (Ercan Vural)
esra (Esra Sal覺k)
feza (Feza Velicangil)
fikret gercik (Fikret Gerçik)
firatbingol (F覺rat Bingöl)
hatice (Hatice Kul)
kivilcim harika seydim (K覺v覺lc覺m Harika Seydim)
kutludamla (Kutlu G羹relli)
larakami (Lara Kamhi)
muratgermen (Murat Germen)
nese cogal (Nee Çoal)
ozan (Ozan Gezer)
ozge enginoz (zge Enginöz)
tahir un (Tahir Ün)
tolgasv (Tolga Sava)
zekine kundukan (Zekine Kundukan)

What takes place when works that exist as visual images at interfacegallery.com are transported to a physical space / to the gallery?

interfacegallery.com ISSUE NO:1 - Update!, opened in Istanbul at
HAYAKA ARTI Çukurcuma project centre on May 25th, 2011 under the curation of Derya Y羹cel . The exhibition includes the works selected by curator Derya Y羹cel which were uploaded before 10th of April 2011 to interfacegallery.com.

The communication project of the HAYAKA ARTI alternative art and culture platform, namely interfacegallery.com, started off with the aim of sharing art on the internet. Yet the internet is merely the first stage within this alternative online project. In accordance with what our title ‘interface’ implies, our essential target is to enable the freedom of movement of art between the virtual and physical worlds, thereby presenting the opportunity/possibility of a second encounter for those art works that have already met their audience on the internet, by bringing them back to physical/conventional media - particularly starting with exhibitions and publications- and experiencing whereto these media ‘clashes’ on different levels will lead us.

Up to what extent can the virtual environment actually replace a real gallery? Where are we going to end up if we return to the conventional exhibition space again, after transferring from conventional media to the virtual one? Artistic works regaining their third dimension standing next to other works that have undergone the same process, are they going to differ or remain the same? The recent exhibition Update! is the debut of a series of long-termed real world activities interfacegallery.com plans to develop with the supply of quite a few open-ended questions/problems that can be posed during the course of this back and forth movement between media.

interfacegallery.com is a "user generated content" project.


Art has always been relational on different levels; a social driver and/or a means of dialogue. One of the potential strengths of an artwork is its ability to "establish bonds and relation". In this context, the curatorial aspect of "interface-gallery.com" will favour a general perspective on contemporary art, without focusing on a specific theme or giving preference to certain media. For this exhibition artists are expected to produce works that place unique perspectives in the center, proposing perceptual, experimental, critical and participative models where processes interact intensely, sometimes even in a challenging manner with each other and "connections" coming into existence as the result of an exuberant togetherness and dynamic visual encounter will gain visibility. Thus with the aid of a whole of various tools/media utilized, the reflections of parallel existences of personal features as opposed to universal features and private features as opposed to public features will be attained.

Derya Y羹cel

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